Terms and Conditions

Express-Connect.com owns this site and all of its content. We provide communication services between inmates and families and friends of inmates. We provide our services to you the “customer”. Express-Connect.com only offers a prepaid service such that all calls, fees, and activation charges are prepaid. By registering and signing up with Express-Connect.com you agree to all terms and conditions. Any infraction of these terms and conditions may result in termination of service. Express-Connect.com reserves the right to change any term or condition without further notice. Please review the following:

1) You must first register at Express-Connect.combefore you can use our services. By registering you not only agree to the terms and conditions as outlined herein but also to receive periodic service offers and other relevant notifications concerning Express-Connect.com services.

2) You can reach our customer service at 1-866-281-7561. By calling this number, you consent to allowing us to speak to you over the phone and we are also permitted to leave you a voicemail.

3) You may also email our support group at Express-Connect.com Support. By so doing you are agreeing to allow us to communicate with you on a bi-lateral basis by email.

4) The service permits an inmate to call you by using the talk time credits you have purchased by charging the talk time to a credit card or by paying for the call with our mobile payment option. We will assign a number to you and that number can only be used between you and the inmate. No person other than the inmate and customer is authorized to use that number.

5) If the service is the subject of any abuse whatsoever, Express-Connect.com reserves the right to terminate your services without notice. Express-Connect.com operates a legally compliant service, in full compliance with all security and government regulations and best practices.

6) If you use a mobile phone, we are not responsible for any air time charges or other charges levied by your mobile phone provider.

7) We require 30 days notice if you wish to cancel the service.

8) Once payment is made and your order confirmed, should there be any changes (such as the inmate being released) which results in you no longer requiring the Express-Connect.com service, no refund will be paid on any talk time balance remaining under any circumstance.

9) We reserve the right to terminate your services if your account is not used for a period of 30 days. 

10) If an account has no activity for 30 days, it will be considered dormant or inactive and will have 20 minutes deducted each month until the account reaches a zero balance. Upon reaching zero balance status, the account will be deactivated. 

11) Should you require your services to be transferred to a different facility; any balance on your account will carry over. You will not be required to pay an activation fee.

12) Payment options accepted are credit card (Visa and Master Card) and our new pay by mobile phone option which allows you to charge your selected talk time package to your monthly phone bill or have it deducted from your prepaid balance. Contact our customer service for a complete listing of the mobile phone companies which support this payment option.

13) The customer agrees and understands that all dropped calls, lost calls, three way disconnected calls, security cut off calls, wrong numbers dialed or other such calls will be deducted from the available talk time balance and charges will apply. The Customer acknowledges, accepts and agrees that they have read and understood the full rules, regulations and conditions. The Customer also agrees that any calls made outside the approved facility will result in long distance charges which are not included in the plan. All calls are to be made from the approved facility only.

14) The customer also agrees to receive marketing and service information from Express-Connect.com whether by phone, text or email from time to time regarding their account status and any and all marketing information pertaining to Express-Connect.com.

15) Express-Connect.com reserves the right to assign, at no cost to customer, a new Express-Connect.com number at its discretion with reasonable notice. 

16) The customer agrees to all Terms and Conditions herein, and has read and accepted the Express-Connect.com Privacy Policy.